Social Media Fad Desensitizes Trayvon Martin’s Death



By: Brea Hammonds

Social Media has become the go to place for the latest news and the most popular trends. With the invention of Instagram, where users upload pictures with funny captions, commonly referred to as memes, it has become bigger than Facebook and twitter updates.

An extremely controversial meme is starting to become very popular among teenagers. About a year ago, planking, a fad where teenagers would pose laying face down on random objects and take pictures posing as planks; bowling where teens would stand on objects and pose like owls; and last but not least ‘tebowing’ were teenagers would take pictures imitating the famous football player Tim Tebow took the youth by storm. Now a meme based upon the death of Trayvon Martin is sparking major controversy around the nation.

Martin was walking home from the store and profiled as suspicious by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman claimed Martin attacked him, causing him to fear for his life, before shooting and killing Martin. Zimmerman was recently acquitted of all charges in the case, already causing a lot of controversy, and adding fuel to the fire.

Kids are posing with a black hoodie on, holding a bag of skittles, a can of Arizona Ice Tea, and laying down on the ground as if they were shot. Members of the community are hurt to see that the same thing once used for good is now being used to defame the senseless death of Martin.

Haleigh Nickerson, a rising sophomore at University of California, Berkeley, thinks the new fad is disheartening and inconsiderate.

“I do not understand how anyone could possible think this is funny and whoever invented this is sick,” said Nickerson. “People do not understand this is not “planking” or “tebowing,” this is mocking an innocent teenager who was killed. The death of Trayvon should not involve the desensitized comical reenactments, jokes, or laughs. It is upsetting to see people poking fun at such a terrible situation.”

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