Playing Loterìa for Better Health in Marin City


Adults and children had a chance to play a card game while learning the principles of healthy living recently when the Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre came to Marin City to host “Lets Play Loterìa” and talk about health and active living.

The event was held last Thursday at the Manzanita Children Center.

The Mexican card game Loterìa was the basis for the game. Playing sheets, similar to bingo cards, were passed out to the audience with six different images printed on them

Christine Jamlig and Johnathan Williams, presenters from the Educational Theater, picked a random picture card and explained the health issue related to that card. They also presented a funny skit to help the audience understand more about healthy living and eating.

As in bingo, the audience marked off the pictures that were on their cards, until someone finally shouts, “Loterìa!”

Felecia Gaston, from Performing Stars, helped to bring the Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre to Marin City.

The Oakland Kaiser Permanente has five acting troupes that have performed as far north as Santa Rosa.

Since 1986, the Educational Theatre Program has performed live productions free for more than 15 million young people and their families. They have covered such topics as puberty, bullying and depression, and prevention of sexual transmitted diseases.

In Northern California, “The Best Me” inspires elementary school students and their families to make healthier choices for their lives through dancing and songs.





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