“Scarf Lady” Pherrillia LeBleu Makes a Fashion Statement


Often called the “scarf lady,” entrepreneur Pherrillia LeBleu started creating infinity scarves three years ago, styling them in multiple ways to complement a woman’s fashion.

She sells her Le Bleu’s Circle Scarves in different colors, patterns, and design at the Berkeley Flea Market every weekend.

Buying her fabrics in New York, the jersey material can be worn as a head wrap, bandeau top, a beautiful shawl, swimsuit cover up, or a scarf draped to frame your face.

After her job downsized leaving her looking for employment, LeBleu was motivated to start her own business. She began designing circle scarves after buying one from a friend in London.

Raised in Berkeley and having been in theater for over 30 years, LeBleu says creating different looks for her customers is like adding a dash of dramatic flair.

“I create beauty,” she says. “I feel like a stylist; I try to give people the complete look. My experience in theater with costume and makeup gives me an advantage – an eye for color and knowing how to pull a look together. I add a little something, next to nothing, and make a statement.”

Using versatile stretchy fabrics, LeBleu’s Circle Scarves can be worn as a simple scarf over a basic outfit or an elegant shawl pinned with a bedazzled brooch over an evening gown. One particular look that LeBleu showcases is a red scarf accessorized with gold dangling coins and beading, worn beautifully as a head wrap.

“I see people creating new things, especially young people,” says Le Bleu. At a recent natural hair show, the designer says a customer wore her scarf “as a head wrap with a brooch on the side. It looked amazing.”

“You can throw it on any kind of way,” she explains. “Men love that look with the scarf draped around the face. I tell people you can begin to be creative and create something for yourself.”

Visit LeBleu’s Circle Scarves at the Berkeley Flea Market every weekend at the Ashby BART Station. For more information, contact [email protected].


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