Devry’s Chris Scott Opens the Door to Success


Chris Scott, who has been working at Devry University in Downtown Oakland for the past 12 years, seemed to fall into the career that was meant for him.

He had just finished his master’s degree at Devry and ended up being hired at the university the same day. He is now an executive advisor and loving every minute of it.

< p>Scott knows that education is power and with a strong education anything is possible. The reward of seeing students accomplish their goals is the reason he has continued to be a member of the Devry team.

“It is my job to coach my students and help them see that there is a bigger picture.” Scott said. “I am constantly positively reinforcing them so that they stay on the right track.”

Scott traces his passion for education to his family roots. “My grandmother had a high school education, and she influenced seven out of her eight children to graduate from college. This underlying message of education continues to influences the generations in my family, and I have used it to inspire my students,” he said.

“Being an African-American man I realize that education was once forbidden for my community. So it is vital that we take advantage of it now.”

One of Scott’s many success stories is Anthony Rees, who recently graduated from Devry University with his masters degree, something he never thought was possible.

Scott enrolled Reese and was there to support him every step of the way. Reese achieved his goals and soon after graduation received a promotion at his job. Reese says that without Scott’s support, he would not be where he is today.

Scott does not wait for students to walk through Devry’s doors in search of an education. He takes it upon himself to hit the streets and get the conversation about education started.

“Devry offers a very high quality education that allows students to work towards their future careers,” he said.



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