Book Review: “The Years the Giants Won the World Series”


Baseball. It’s not just a sport for Joe Sutton; it’s a way of life. In his new book, “The Years the Giants Won the World Series,” he chronicles the relationship with his son and its progression as he taught his son’s little league baseball team nearly two decades earlier.

“I write in my journal almost everyday, at least three or four days a week, and the Giants kept coming up,” Sutton said, discussing the motivation behind the book. “ I just took all the notes I had in my journal and put them together.”

Growing up in Los Angeles, Sutton was a huge fan of Jackie Robinson, who his “hero” He wanted to be like him.

His love for Robinson deepened his feelings for the sport, which ultimately molded the relationship he has with his son today.

Sutton’s first book, “A Class of Leaders”, was an autobiographical novel of his experiences as a white teacher in a predominantly Black high school in Los Angeles. He knew his experience would be the subject of a book, so he took notes each day he in was the classroom.

It took him three years to complete the book, and roughly two decades for to finally be published. Nevertheless, Sutton says it’s the story that needed to be told.

Now, at 72, he is doing what he loves the most and what he feels he does best.

“I still have a pliable mind,” Sutton said. “My ultimate goal is to just write books.”

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