No time, no contact, no fun…


Santa Clara, CA – It’s week three of the preseason and the end of NFL training camp. With only two games under their belt, the Forty-Niners have their best weapon still under wraps. Colin Kaepernick has seen few snaps in his first full season as quarterback in games and was recently suspended from contact in practice.

The second year quarterback has been donning a black jersey that symbolizes an injured player. Niners head coach Jim Harbaugh made the decision a few days ago after he felt his quarterback was in danger. Kaepernick played only one series in the last preseason game while former quarterback Alex Smith played two series in his second preseason game as the starter. When Harbaugh was asked why he scaled Colin’s time back, he explained that he felt his quarterback got plenty of work while in practice.

On Wednesday at practice Jim was questioned on why Kaepernick’s wearing a black jersey. With two back-up quarterbacks Colt McCoy and Scott Tolzien who have been less than productive. One can understand the precautions of protecting their starter, however, how does he get better if there less playing time in the preseason.

“There was a play the day before where we were going against out one’s, and I felt as the defense was running a stunt that linebacker Ahmad Brooks came free and was a little too close to Colin,” said Harbaugh. “So, as a way to emphasize to stay away from Kaepernick, so we don’t get anything “freakish” to happen in practice.”

This is Colin’s first full year at starting quarterback and he’s already had his snaps reduced in games and issued a no contact in practice. When asked how he felt about wearing the black jersey, he simply replied “I’m no fan of the black jersey and that he is absolutely 100 percent healthy.”

It’s clear everyone wants to get as much playing time as they can before cuts and the season kickoff in two weeks. Harbaugh did say Kaepernick would get more playing time when the Niners face the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday at Candlestick Park.

“There’ll be a plan in place,” Jim said. “Plan to play him longer than he played in the second preseason game. Colin in particular. But no set into the second quarter and there’ll be a feel.”

“I would play every snap if they let,” said Kaepernick. “I can’t really determine the amount of snaps I’ll get but the more we practice, the more reps I get with receivers, obviously the better things are going to be.”


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