McCoy named backup QB


San Francisco, CA – Amid trade rumors the Forty-Niners were looking to move the number two backup quarterback. Colt McCoy had to play his best game. Not his best performance, he struggled early and got picked off.


But despite the woes, he was named backup quarterback to Colin Kaepernick. The Niners beat the Minnesota Vikings 34-14 and put a rest to the latest talks that McCoy was being shopped around. Over the recent weeks none of the quarterbacks backing Kaepernick exceeded anyone’s expectations. Leaving the decision to be determined in tonight’s game where all five quarterbacks were scheduled to play.

“Yeah, yes he is,” coach Jim Harbaugh said when asked was Colt [McCoy] his his backup quarterback. “I thought he played very well. Thing that’s been very encouraging is he’s progressed and gotten better every week. Tonight, just down after down, consistently good, that’s what we’ve been looking for.”

McCoy replaced Colin who finished 7-for-13 for 72 yards that included a 5-yard touchdown to Quinton Patton in the first quarter. He completed six straight passes in his third series, though he struggled in the end zone after Ahmad Brooks forced Christian Ponder to fumble.

“It wasn’t a perfect start,” said Kaepernick. “We had a boot, we didn’t have any answers for. Had the one ball tip to start. So, that’s two passes right away that you can’t do too much about. Other than that we started getting our rhythm, we started getting our groove.”

Playing through the fourth, Colt went 11-for-15 for 109 yards. He got off to a rocky start in his first series when Chad greenway picked him off. That interception resulted in a Vikings 1-yard touchdown. Late in the second quarter, Lavelle Hawkins returned a 105-yard punt for a touchdown despite receiving two unsportman like penalties for high-stepping into the end zone and taunting the defense.

“I hadn’t performed the way I know I can, “McCoy said. “Maybe I was thinking too much.”


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