Residents Demand Justice for Aya Nakano


Last Saturday, S.A.V.E. Coalition (Soldiers Against Violence Everywhere), Councilwoman Lynette McElhaney (D-3), Councilman Dan Kalb and Oakland residents gathered with the parents of Aya Nakano for a peace rally on the corners of Sanford Avenue and Market street.

Nakano, 22, was shot and killed on June 12th around 11pm after a car struck his vehicle from behind. Returning home from playing baseball with friends, Nakano was an hour shy of his 23rd birthday.

Comedian “Wight Out” says this was the 4th weekend in the row that he had joined to the S.A.V.E. Coalition to protest the violence in the Oakland streets.

“I’m from Oakland, so why not be in the streets,” said Wight Out, noting that the only way to bring change is to put in the necessary work.


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