Kaepernick, Boldin lead 49ers to victory


San Francisco, CA – Many anticipated a knock down, drag out fight when these two teams faced each other again. The last time they met was in the playoffs and just like last season the Forty-Niners came away with the victory again.

The Green Bay Packers were looking for revenge since being knocked out of the playoffs but that opportunity didn’t come today after the 49ers defeated the Packers 34-28. San Francisco’s offense had a new weapon they used to befuddle Green Bay’s defense.

Anquan Boldin almost reached a new career-high when he finished with 13 catches over 208 yards that included a touchdown. He had 14 catches with his former team, the Baltimore Ravens in 2012. Boldin was unstoppable with his new team in his season debut.

“Strategy? I don’t know if there is a strategy in staying open,” said Anquan. “You know for me it’s my job to catch the ball and anytime [QB Colin] Kaepernick throws the ball my way, I want to make sure it’s a completion. I want to make a completion. Just to build that confidence, and that was my mind set going into the game.”

“He made plays he shouldn’t have made,” Colin said.

Kaepernick also had a remarkable game. Besides finding Anquan open multiple times, he recorded a new career-high. Colin threw 412 yards (he hadn’t done that since his first year in college) and three touchdowns. After taking a late out-of-bounds hit from Clay Matthews, Kaepernick was still explosive.

“I felt like there were more throws that I should have made out there,” said Colin. There were plenty of times I feel like I should’ve completed passes that I didn’t. That’s something I have to get better at.”

The 49ers got off to a good start when Kaepernick found Vernon Davis for a 20-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter. In the second quarter San Francisco caught a break when Jonathan Franklin fumbled, the 49ers recovered and Boldin rushed for a 6-yard touchdown. But the Packers didn’t go away quietly.

They tied the game 14-14 to end the first half when Aaron Rodgers found Jermichael Finley in the end zone. San Francisco came out after halftime and scored again. This time it was Davis’ second touchdown of the game. He finished with six catches for 98 yards.

“Finish strong, finish strong,” Vernon said. “The guys that we have on this team, they all know what this team is capable of doing. They saw it last year. They saw it in preseason. It’s just about going out there and keeping that focus. You have to keep a certain level of focus. And it has to be high. Because if you don’t, you can fail.”

Green Bay tied the game again 21-21 in the third when Rodgers connected with Jordy Nelson for an 8-yard touchdown pass. They took the lead in the fourth with another touchdown from Eddie Lacy. After that the Packer’s offense was shut down by a feisty 49ers defense.

“We came out here to win a game,” said Green Bay’s head coach Mike McCarthy. “I don’t know who you think we are. We lost a game that we were capable of winning today. This is not what it’s all about. We came here with every intention to win today. We did not get it done. We did not do the little things it takes to win today. We have to fix that, correct it and get ready for the Redskins.”


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