Imagine Affairs Art Lounge Host Events


Downtown Oakland has come back to life. Businesses are flourishing and bringing a new energy and spark to the downtown area. Imagine Affairs Art Lounge, 408 14th street, is adding a new sense of energy.


Owned by husband and wife duo Veronica Fleming and Corey Page, Fleming managed other spaces for a couple years before the opportunity came to open her own business.

“I’ve always enjoyed socializing and beautiful décor so I just combined it,” said Fleming, describing how Imagine Affairs Art Lounge came into fruition.

Just opened in April but Imagine Affairs has already garnered a significant buzz. Promotions on social media sites and email blasts of upcoming events have also contributed, but primarily its growth has come from word of mouth.

“With the location that we’re in – which is a prime location – and the way she has it looking, it will speak for it self…. and it has been,” said Page.

The lounge was booked for 29 of the 31 days in October; November and December already seem to be following the same pace, something Fleming attributes to the affordable price she offers.

“I want it to be in their price range but a nice venue,” Fleming said. She noted that most times people have to spend extra funding to decorate the venue the way the want her goal was to design a space that caters to a customer’s vision as soon as they walk.

From the perfectly placed furniture and candles to the art adorning the walls, Fleming designed it to establish the venue to be upscale but affordable and comfortable.

Serving as the perfect backdrop, she says the art featured is from local arts that have never been featured in a gallery.

“That is important to me, that they feel as rewarded as I do,” she said.

To inquire about pricing and booking for Imagine Affairs Art Lounge, visit or email [email protected].


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