Stockton Woman Accuses Estranged Husband of Kidnap and Exorcism


Jose Margana-Farias, 42, and his son, Victor Farias, 20, are accused of kidnapping, false imprisonment, and conspiracy to commit a crime against Bianca Farias, 41, separated from Magana-Farias in January and had yet to reconcile their differences.

Early Saturday, father and son are alleged to have lured Farias to a Wal-Mart in North Stockton. According to Farias, both men alleged she had devils inside of her, before forcing her into a Bay Point church.

She said the men began trying to perform an exorcism on her, bathing her in oil and forcing her to swallow it, while constantly asking the devils inside of her to be released.

The woman was able to send a text her boyfriend saying she was kidnapped.

When they finally returned her home, the police were waiting on her. It is suspected that Farias dating someone else may have triggered the acts.

Both Margana-Farias and his son are being held in a San Joaquin County Jail.


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