Bishop Paul Morton says “Don’t Get Weary”


In honor of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church’s 155th Anniversary, Rev. Dr. Harold R. Mayberry and the FAME family hosted a one-night revival featuring Bishop Paul Morton.

The crowded church elated in praise as Bishop Morton preached from the subject “Don’t Get Weary”, reminding the congregation that God is still in control regardless of the trials that come.

“I’ve preached at a lot Methodist churches and this was just a great, great experience,” said Morton. “The power of God [was here].”

He said the message he preached goes beyond the walls of the church and is one all spiritual leaders in the city could apply.

“I speak it over this city that if we stand strong together, and preach the word, because the message that we’re carrying – the kingdom message – is too important,” said Morton. “…Everybody is going through something but you got to stay strong in the Lord and in the power of his might,”

Morton knows what it means to overcome adversity. In 2006, he was diagnosed with colon cancer but after dietary changes, he is now cancer free. By “standing strong”, “staying focused”, and having faith Bishop Morton believes all things are possible.

He congratulated the church on its 155th anniversary and applauded Rev. Mayberry for the leadership he offers to the community. Both Morton and Mayberry history extends back to when they both pastored in New Orleans.

“He is doing an awesome job. He has always been innovative and he is such an awesome leader,” said Morton. “It’s good to hook up with him again and see how God is using him at FAME.”


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