Pastors Seek Donations for Church Damaged in Car Crash


Seeking to repair his damaged church building, Pastor Donald Scurry of Joshua Christian Church, 793 W Grand Ave, has received moral and financial support from fellow ministers Rev. Curtis Flemming, Rev. Gerald Agee, and Rev. Steve Mason.

Joshua Christian Church was damaged months ago when a car crashed into its sanctuary after a high-speed chase started by the San Francisco Police Department.

Rev. Scurry’s insurance will cover internal damages but will not help with architectural, city and construction fees for a barrier.

The church has been damaged five times since 2002. The Pastors of Oakland and Scurry have appealed to Councilmember Lynette McElhaney to help them navigate the city’s bureaucracy.

“This is pastors rallying together. With the cash donations from some pastors and the Post Newspaper, we are beginning to raise funds. We need more support. And we’re going to reach out to contractors to help us do the work that is needed,” said Scurry.

To make a donation, contact Pastor Donald Scurry at (510) 418-0716.


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