George Zimmerman Arrested Again


On Monday, law enforcement arrested George Zimmerman who was taken to the Seminole County Jail after a domestic dispute involving his girlfriend Samantha Scheibe was reported. Zimmerman is being charged with aggravated assault, battery domestic violence and criminal mischief.

Police responded to a call on Topfield Court in Seminole County where Zimmerman’s girlfriend lives. Allegedly, she and George Zimmerman were having a verbal dispute and at that time he had broken a table and pointed a long-barrel shotgun at her. She managed to get out the front door and call 911.

< p>In July, the former Neighborhood Watch volunteer was acquitted of second-degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old.

Since the trial, Zimmerman has had several run-ins with the police. In September, he was handcuffed but later released after his estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman and her father accused him of threatening them with a gun while they were moving out her belongings.

Last week, Lake Mary police stated that Zimmerman would not face any charges because there was no solid evidence and they could not salvage the video that allegedly showed footage of the dispute and him destroying an Ipad.

When police searched Zimmerman that afternoon, he had no gun, but he has a concealed weapons permit, and Scheibe told the police that they were in lawful possession of guns that day in their vehicle.

Zimmerman and his wife separated in August, after he was found not guilty of any crime in the killing of Trayvon Martin in July.


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