Proposal for Green Electrical Energy at Oakland Port; $52.5 Million Revenue Possible


The West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, a longtime East Bay environmental advocacy group, has reached agreement, which could potentially generate $52.5 million in revenue, with Oakland developer Jabari Herbert and FOCON to provide electrical power generation for customers at the Port of Oakland.

The partners propose to provide alternative power at the port via fuel cell technology that would increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions and improve energy security.

“This partnership would help the City of Oakland achieve the Governor’s Executive Order requirement for public agencies to secure a minimum of 33 percent of their electricity from renewable sources,” said District 3 Councilmember Lynette Gibson McElhaney, whose district includes the Port of Oakland.

“And what’s really exciting is this marries our green agenda with job opportunities for West Oakland residents – proving that we can be committed to environmental justice while growing an economy that works for all,” she said.

Revenue from the use of the alternative energy through the partnership could be used for additional community-based environmental programs. Increase efficiency will mean real savings for port tenants, increasing profitability and sustainability for those doing business at the port

“Now is the time to merge the use of alternative energy technology with the needs of both the port and the community,” said Jabari Herbert, the local developer who is leading this effort to provide clean, green power to the Port of Oakland.

“Our main focus has been to work with government, industry, and others to ensure that the air in West Oakland and throughout region is clean, breathable, and free of toxic emissions. This project helps to achieve that goal,” said Margaret Gordon, founder and executive director of the WOEIP

Both Gordon and Herbert are longtime West Oakland residents.

Fuel cell technology has already been successfully in use throughout California since 2006. Currently saves Alameda County taxpayers over $240,000 per year and helps the county reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The fuel cell represents a leap forward in environmentally friendly, reliable, and cost effective “baseload” power generation.

Using cutting-edge technology, the project will provide a template for sustainable energy generation and job creation, according to the project’s supporters. In addition, the partnership and the use of US manufactured alternative power generation technology is a part of programs designed to decrease the negative effects of global warming and to increase US high tech exports and jobs.

For information, contact Jabari Herbert, FOCON, (510) 512.4208.


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