Candidates Are Lining Up for 2014 Stockton Council Races


Political season is kicking off in Stockton, with at least three City Council seats up for change in 2014.

Councilmen Michael Tubbs and Moses Zapien last year won their races along with Mayor Anthony Silva and have three years remaining in their terms.




The council has seven members, including the mayor. For most council decisions, a simple majority of four votes is needed to pass a resolution.


“In 2014, the residents of Stockton will have an opportunity to elect a new City Council with the ability to make real change,” said Mayor Silva. “I pray that the public will support fresh faces with new ideas and independent thinking.”

Christina Fugazi, a high school teacher and city planning commissioner, will be running against Councilwoman Dyane Burgos Medina, who filled the empty seat left by Susan Eggman.

“I’m new to politics but not city government, since I worked on the planning commission for seven years,” said Fugazi. “Violent crime is down, but property crime is up, and I want to make sure that Measure A is implemented the way it is supposed to.”

Campaigning will not start until Feb. 10, when candidates take out papers to gather signatures.

Councilman Elbert Holman is an incumbent, who is facing challenger Rick Grewal in Council District 1, the northernmost part of town.

A third race will be for the seat held by Councilman Paul Canepa, who represents Council District 3. He is running for the county Board of Supervisors and will not seek a second council term.

Canepa says safety is still a major concern in Stockton and wants to look for the best solutions to dealing with the crime problem.

“We need less talk and more results,” said Canepa. “Dealing with the crime issue will attract more businesses to invest into the city.”


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