Killian Elected President of Oakland Paramount Board


Oakland attorney Clinton Killian has been elected president of the Oakland Paramount board of directors.

“I am excited by the opportunity to serve this wonderful theater. As we continue to be a valuable asset for the city of Oakland and the Bay Area region,” said Killian, whose term runs until September 2014. .

“The Paramount will continue to bring diverse and quality entertainment to downtown Oakland for all the Bay Area to see and enjoy experience and enjoy.”

Oakland’s Paramount Theatre, located at 21st and Broadway streets in downtown Oakland, is one of the finest remaining examples of Art Deco design in the U.S.

Designed by San Francisco architect Timothy L. Pflueger and completed in late 1931, it was one of the first Depression-era buildings to incorporate the work of numerous creative artists into its architecture and is noteworthy for its successful orchestration of the various artistic disciplines into a harmonious whole.

After its initial glory as a “movie palace” in the 1930s, the auditorium suffered three decades of neglect and decline until its rescue by the Oakland Symphony, the City of Oakland and private donors.

The building was purchased by the Board of Directors of the Oakland Symphony Orchestra Association in 1972. An authentic restoration was completed in 1973, and the theatre was entered in the National Register of Historic Places on August 14 of that year.

Restored to its original splendor and upgraded to modern technical standards, the Paramount now serves all the arts. The Paramount Theatre is the home of the Oakland East Bay Symphony and, as one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s premiere performing arts facilities.

Located at 2025 Broadway in Oakland, the theatre can be reached at (510) 465-6400 and


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