Bay Area Poet Raises $10,000 to Publish “Laundry and Love Notes”


Alicia Zakon recently self-published a new book of poetry, “Laundry and Love Notes,” utilizing crowdfunding to raise $10,000 she needed to make her dream a reality.

“The beautiful thing about crowdfunding is taking a leap of faith and being at a place to receive support from your community, said the Bay Area poet and educator.

Zakon, who teaches free poetry/personal-development workshops for young women, is planning a national tour to 15 US cities.

“Laundry and Love Notes” is a poetic memoir and collection of poems she penned between ages 10 and 25 about how her father’s absence affected her self-esteem and how her low self-image affected her dating relationships.

During the workshop, Zakon will share her story and highlight how there is power in writing poetry as it also provides an outlet to express our truths and build self-worth. Zakon will also guide participants through writing exercises to start them down their own path of self-discovery through poetry.

As an educator, Zakon is passionate about giving young women as many tools as they can to build their self-esteem and confidence. “Poetry is a powerful tool for self-exploration,” says Zakon. “It helps to you uncover the strength that you already possess within. When you can access that inner strength, you become fully able to articulate and work toward your passions—something I want all young women to feel empowered to do.”

Kickstarter is a platform and a resource that anyone can use to launch their project, she said. Since its launch in 2009, 5.1 million people have pledged $848 million, funding 50,000 creative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of fan support.

“I got to put my first project out in the world with the financial and moral support of 189 Kickstarter backers, and many more folks that could not give financially. The Total amount raised was $10,515.

Although it was extremely gratifying to reach my goal, it definitely was a high-intensity 31 days.

“My advice for anyone considering launching a crowdfunding campaign is to spend 1-3 months planning for the launch. Let your community know about your project before you launch, and host some live events,” Zakon said.

The tour will begin in the spring in 15 cities across the country. To inquire about booking, contact [email protected]

“Laundry and Love Notes” will be published by Amazon by the end of 2013. To purchase an advance copy of the book or to donate to the tour, visit


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