Stockton Man Saves Woman At Raiders Game


The Oakland Raiders lost to the Tennessee Titans, 23-19, last Sunday. While most fans assumed it couldn’t get worse, it did as a woman climbed the 3rd floor of the Oakland Coliseum and claimed she was going to jump.

David Navidad, 61, a marine veteran, saw the woman and pleaded with her not to jump. However, she did, and Navidad put his arms out to catch her, and use his body to shield her from the full impact of the 50-foot fall.

“Had I not done anything, that would have been etched in my mind until I died,” Navidad told NBC Bay Area on Monday.

Navidad and the woman were immediately taken to the hospital. He was released Monday, but the woman was listed in critical condition.

Investigators have not released the woman’s name and have also not given a motive behind her suicide attempt.

Staff and members of the Oakland Raiders organization visited Navidad, applauding his heroism. Along with team memorabilia, he was also given the game ball from Sunday’s game.

Alameda County Sheriff’s Sgt. J.D. Nelson also acknowledged Navidad’s quick thinking, saying that without a doubt, he saved her life.

“I’m a hero to them, but to me, I just reacted the way I did,” Navidad said in his NBC interview.


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