World AIDS Day Recognizes Older HIV/AIDS Sufferers


Living with HIV presents challenges, no matter what your age. But older Americans with HIV may face different issues than their younger counterparts, including greater social isolation and the lack of a strong, local support system.

Older individuals may also face different stigmas when disclosing their status to partners, family, or friends.

World AIDS Day is Sunday, Dec. 1. Since 1988, this day has been dedicated to raising awareness of the pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. Today People are living longer and landmark advancements have bought the fight against HIV/AIDS to a point for achieving an AIDS free generation.

We now have the tools to dramatically drive down the rate of new HIV infections, allowing the United States and the global health community to take concrete steps towards ending the HIV epidemic.

To commemorate World AIDS Day, “The Bay Area State of Emergency Coalition” (BASE) is holding a free event on Sunday, Dec.1 at 4 p.m. at The City of Refuge UCC Church (new location: 8400 Enterprise Drive in Oakland

Through the years the face of HIV/AIDS has become the plight of racially and economically marginalized people. While the numbers of African Americans diagnosed with AIDS has decreased over the past decade, African Americans continue to suffer from the disease disproportionally.

How do we, as a global community, get to zero? Whether it’s zero AIDS-related deaths, zero new infections or zero stigma, any progress is going to start with knowledge. The 2013 theme for World AIDS Day is “Shared Responsibility: Strengthening Results for an AIDS-Free Generation.”

A majority of people who are HIV positive do not know they have the disease. Most often people learn of their status after they have had the disease for a while. Early intervention can help preserve health.

Sunday the Coalition will honor 40 people who live with HIV who are 50 years or older, acknowledging them with courage awards for what it takes to meet the challenge of aging with HIV. Come enjoy light refreshments, a desert bar, music, prayer and reflections.


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