Marin City Still Awaits Results of Investigation of Chaka Grayson Shooting


Chaka Grayson and the Marin City community are still waiting to hear the results of the investigation led by the Novato Police Department and Marin County District Attorney’s Office of the shooting of Grayon by a Main County deputy sheriff.

< p>Grayson is a resident of Marin City who was shot three times on July 7 by Deputy Evan Kubato during a stop for a suspended license.

The shots shattered his nerves and tendons to his left arm. Grayson is still walking around with bullet fragments in his arm and is waiting to have reconstructive surgery.

Marin City community leaders, led by Pastor Emmanuel Akognon of Village Baptist Church, have many unanswered questions pertaining to the case.

A number of people in Marin City are concerned about the impartiality of the investigation because the wife of Deputy Kubato works for the Novato Police Department, which has been assigned to investigate the case, an apparent conflict of interest.

Others also are asking why Kubato was not placed on administrative leave.


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