San Leandro By Design: Cool Tools for Makers


A technology demonstration event will be held Dec. 5 at the new Bayfair East Bay Makers Labs, where participants can explore the new tools of the maker movement, including 3-D scanners, 3-D printers, laser cutters, robotics, and even tools that recycle plastic into 3-D printer filament.

The event will be held at 15555 East 14th the Bayfair Center in San Leandro.

Each of the presenting companies will give a brief presentation, to be followed by exciting interactive demonstrations. The public will be able to speak directly with San Leandro’s local entrepreneurs and watch their tools in action.

< p>Participants will also find out how to enroll in a 3D printer class at the East Bay Maker Labs. Participating Companies will include:

Soundfit: This company has launched a 3D scanner product that will revolutionize the development and production of custom earpieces at 1/10th the cost.

OmNom Project: An all-in-one 3D Print & Plastic Recycler/Filament Maker that is being designed to take failed, worn out & scrap 3D printed parts and turn this otherwise unusable material right back into filament again. Appletats: a full service laser company.

Type A Machines: 3D printer manufacturing company that has grown at TechShop in San Francisco, a co-working space for makers.

PhaseSpace: Motion capture camera / virtual reality research systems.

“San Leandro’s tradition as a city that makes things, combined with our Lit San Leandro 10 gigabit fiber optic network, is the basis of our rapid transition into a haven for tech innovators that make things,” said Mayor Stephen Cassidy.

This innovation is evidenced through a series of technology meetups that have taken place in recent months under the San Leandro by Design brand. Read about these events and other City of San Leandro developments at our blog site.

For additional information about this event, contact Deborah Acosta, San Leandro Chief Innovation Officer, at (510) 577-3353 or [email protected]. Registration is required on Eventbrite at


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