FREESTYLE: Rising Artist Netta Brielle Represents the Bay Area


A singer at the age of three and performing by the time she was 6-years old, Oakland-bred songstress Netta Brielle always knew that her dream of one day taking the stage as a solo artist was something that was not beyond her reach.

Now as a new artist with Atlantic Records, she is taking that stage to show the world undeniable talent comes from Oakland.

With her recently released mixtape “Will You Go With Me?” and her single “It’s the Weekend” (now on iTunes featuring hip-hop artist B.o.B.) gaining popularity, the singer’s success comes after her grind in the Bay Area music scene.

The journey has not been easy. She paid her dues performing at local venues while attending San Jose State University.

Along the way, what motivated Brielle has been her love for music and the confidence that she was proving the naysayers wrong.

“It was just something about music that always made me feel happy and made me feel like this was my escape,” she said.

Growing up, she was always surrounded by music.

“My grandmother was a jazz pianist, she was also deaf, but she still played the piano and still had shows. I always thought that was cool…From my mom’s old ear to my father being into jazz and my older sister being into the current music at the time – that Prince, pop, MJ [Michael Jackson] kind of vibe – it was just something that was always drawing me back to music,” she said.

As one of three sisters, music helped Brielle cope when tragedy hit with the death of her father as a young girl and the murder of her younger sister in Oakland in 2007.

Having beaten the odds to make her dream a reality, she encourages youth not to give up on their dreams.

“Though it sounds so cliché, that’s real. It was always something happening in my life that made me feel like how am I going to get out of here, how am I going to make things better for my family. It always came back to music,” she said.

Brielle says relating to her fans in sharing her story is just as important as the music. She recently spoke to students at McClymonds High School, talking to students about how their dreams can become reality.

“I just want to be a regular girl who dealt with some of the same things that people out there have dealt with,” she said. “I just happen to have the opportunity to share my story through music.”

“Sometimes we get a lot of the negative attention before we get the positive,” Brielle said. “We got so many different cultures, so many different backgrounds. I want to be one of the people who brings attention to our city so people can be pulled into what we do, how we come up, and what’s important to us.”

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