Stockton Residents Oppose Council, Favor Silva


Stockton City Council passed a resolution (5-2) on Tuesday to admonish Mayor Anthony Silva for releasing confidential information presented in closed sessions about the near-hire of a new city manager David Garcia.

City Council members said the deal with Garcia fell through when Garcia’s name was leaked to the press as the new hire.

City Attorney John Luebberke said Mayor Silva violated Section 54963 (a) of the Brown Act, which prohibits people from releasing any confidential information presented in closed session meetings, unless authorized to do so.

Supporters of Mayor Silva protested outside city council meetings in favor of the Mayor. During the council meeting, nearly 30 community members spoke on behalf of the mayor criticizing the rest of the city council members. Public comments went on for nearly two hours with residents accusing the city council of playing political games.

“We don’t want you guys to undermine him,” said John Fief, a Stockton resident. “You guys need to change.”

In his defense, Silva pulled out his cell phone and read a text message he received from a TV reporter, claiming the message was sent hours before his own press release, which he says, proves someone else was the leak.

“Stockton has been run by a few elite people writing big checks and now there’s a new leadership philosophy,” said Mayor Silva “I’m for the working class and the poor.”

Council members Elbert Holman, Katherine Miller, Moses Zapien, Dyane Burgos, Medina and Michael Tubbs voted in favor of the resolution; Silva and Vice Mayor Paul Canepa opposed.

Stockton still doesn’t have a permanent replacement for Bob Deis, who retired at the start of November.


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