Stockton School District Urges Residents to Makes Their Voices Heard


The Stockton Unified School District wants to hear from the Stockton community.

This fall, the district kicked off its interactive YourVoice Counts web page to give everyone the opportunity to tell what they think about the school district and how the would like to see the schools improve.

“This is new to us, but communication is important to us. So here we go,” said Steve Lowder, superintendent of Stockton Unified.

Surveys will be emailed so that staff, faculty, parents, and students can voice their opinions.

“This is where you can let me know your thoughts,” said Lowder. “While I cannot answer every question individually, be assured it will be read and considered.”

Communications Director Diane Barth said superintendent does in fact read the comments, but the real problem is trying to follow-up with individuals after they comment because they are not leaving contact information.

“We need everyone to leave [his or her] email address,” Barth said.


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