FREESTYLE: Never Forget Where You Come From, Says Jonn Hart


Jonn Hart captured the hearts of thousands when his first solo single “Who Booty” garnered national and international attention. Now signed to a major record label, he is taking his music to new levels but will always stay true himself.

“It’s pressure because now the bar is raised for what I have to keep doing [but] this is my passion and love, so I’m going to keep making music from my heart,” Hart said.

A Bay Area native, John Hart learned early on the importance of knowing who you are and what you have to offer if you’re going to be successful in the industry, something evident in his mixtape “Heart to Hart”.

From the hard bass beats to the smooth melodies and harmonies, he offers a unique sound and is

Jonn Hart
Jonn Hart

willing to go against the grain. He says his single “Who Booty” lyrics were more explicit when it was first written, and while he has various types of songs on the mixtape, he did not want that song to be remembered as his first solo introduction to the world.

“I’m classy ratchet,” he joked.

Jonn Hart says it’s his faith in God and the way his parents raised him, always emphasizing the importance of keeping God first – that keeps him centered and true to himself.

“It’s important to never forget where you come from [because] you can lose it all tomorrow,” Hart said.

He recently returned from his first international tour in Australia and is currently working on his second mixtape “Heart to Hart 2”, which he says is taking his music to the next level.

As for young aspiring artists, he says it is important to have a strong, positive team behind them and to also have a strong sense of networking.

“You can’t do it alone and you can’t be scared to build relationships,” he said. “You can get 1000 ‘no’s’ and that one ‘yes’ will change your life.”


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