Stockton’s First Baptist Church Celebrates “The Colors of Christmas”


Ringing in the Christmas season, First Baptist Church of Stockton will be hosting “The Colors of Christmas,” inviting the community to celebrate in three services held on Christmas Eve at 3:30 p.m., 5 p.m. and 11 p.m.

The services will feature Christmas songs sung by the church choir and a candlelight ceremony following each service. This will end a series that started Sunday, Dec. 8 with messages on the traditional colors of Christmas.

The idea behind the event started with Pastor Brad Stahl, a member of First Baptist for over 20 years, and their new senior pastor, who delivers his messages with a twist.

He says his message “Green with envy” reflects on commercialism of the holiday and highlights the true reason for the Christmas season. “Red with stress” acknowledges the stressful, busy time that Christmas can bring and “Blue with emotion” discusses unmet expectations during the holidays.

“Christmas is so colorful with presents, Christmas tress, decorations; if we aren’t careful, then the culture of Christmas can color us. We can get jaded,” said Stahl.

His message on Christmas Eve will be “White Christmas.”

“Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus,” Stahl said.

First Baptist Church is located at 3535 N. El Dorado St. in Stockton. For more information, visit or call (209) 466-4368.


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