Play Looks at Different Ways Family Members Celebrate Christmas


“Family Christmas,” a musical drama performed last weekend at the First Missionary Baptist Church in Marin City, featured one family’s celebration of Christmas.

In the play, each member of the Harrington family have a different sense of the meaning of Christmas, and they came together to select a song to sing for a community outreach Christmas program.

In the play, Honey Harrington, played by Carol “Kelly” Thomas, expressed what Christmas meant to her by singing Christmas carols very formally with the other sisters.

Sasha Harrington, played by Layla Alexander, envisioned her Christmas filled with strong, handsome male angels.

Sam “Skillet” Harrington, played by Darryl Compton, expressed his Christmas with his friends through rap music. Lillie Harrington, played by Jade Sweeney, just wanted to sing a fun song.

In the finale, the entire cast joined to sing “Go Tell It On The Mountain.”

The cast was composed of 46 people, while 31 people helped produce the play.


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