100 Black Men Charter School to Close in January


The 100 Black Men Community Day Charter School in East Oakland announced it will close its doors on Jan. 24 after only being opened for 18 months

At the beginning of current school year, the school had 120 students but now has only 75. With recent cut administrative turnover and lack of funding, the school says it has no other choice but close its doors.

The fundamental issue, said Mark Alexander, who sits on the school’s board, is that the school lacks funds to continue operating, not a mismanagement of money.

When the school began with great fanfare, it had significant financial and administrative support from the Oakland Unified School District.

The school was designed to support African American male students with mentoring and tutoring to help them develop self discipline and achieve academic success especially in the areas of science, math, technology and art.

The school’s curriculum also focused on the role of African Americans in history and society.

Emphasizing the ongoing need for the school in the community, officials are hoping to identify what went wrong, implement a new strategic plan ,and reopen the school with the next few years.

Nothing public has been said, so far, about what plans the school and the district to guarantee a smooth transition of the charter school’s students to other schools.


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