Questions Following Fiery New Year’s Eve Crash


Andrew Lopez, driver of the Jeep Cherokee that crashed into a utility pole and burst in flames on New Years Eve, is recovering from his injuries.

His two young sister-in-laws, Maria, 11, and Marisela, 10, were also critically injured and taken to UC Davis Medical Center.

According to reports, Lopez had dropped his wife off at home. He has picked up his wife’s sisters and was going to get dinner before returning home when the crash happened.

Some witnesses said Lopez was racing before he crashed near Lincoln and Church Streets. Others have said it looked like Lopez was being chased.

His parents, Alfred and Irene Salmeron, also believes there was more to the story. They say the condition of their son’s car did not make it race worthy. His father says Lopez has been sideswiped twice before on the same road.

According to Stockton police, Lopez was arrested for DUI before and was on probation for DUI. But his parents say that happened during his teenage years, and their son has changed.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Stockton Police Department at (209) 937-8377.



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