Oakland Students Meet Classical Pianist Terrance Wilson


By Barbara Fluhrer

East Oakland Leadership Academy students and faculty attended a concert last Saturday evening at Holy Names University’s Regents Theatre featuring internationally renowned pianist Terrence Wilson.

The day before the concert, the students had a chance to talk to Wilson at the school, where he talked to a group of about 60 young people about his career as a pianist specializing in classical music.

He explained how he was inspired to start studying music and about some of his experiences performing internationally.

< p>< p>A grand piano was brought to the school for the seminar, and groups of students gathered around Wilson as he showed them how a piano works, giving the students a chance to meet the artist on a personal level.

After the event, one student exclaimed: “He’s really cool; he even has a Mohawk!”

The school participates in a program called “Music Share,” sponsored jointly by the school and Four Seasons Arts. The school includes the program in its after-school offerings for children.

The class teaches participants about classical music through class instruction, artist seminars, and by attending Four Seasons Arts concerts.

Dr. W. Hazaiah Williams, founder of Four Seasons Arts, stressed the importance of exposing all students to classical music, emphasizing that, “The arts are a humanizing force in our communities.”


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