Rhonda White-Warner, 62


The death of Minister Rhonda White-Warner, a well-known community and spiritual leader who gave the opening prayer at BASE/BTAN World AIDS Day event, has sent shock waves throughout the community.

Her body was discovered Wednesday by her husband at her home in San Pablo, according to reports.

White-Warner, 62, was born in July 1951. She was a graduate of Oakland Technical High School.

In the 1990s she published Tibbets, a monthly news magazine that promoted African American arts and was a founding member of the Oakland Ensemble Theatre in1993.

Graduating in 2006 from the American Baptist Seminary of the West, she recently helped establish The East Bay Faith Collaborative, a group of HIV/AIDS advocates who work to educate and give tools to African American Faith leaders.

According to one of the collaborative’s members, White-Warner was on a conference call last Friday, looking forward to the New Year and a new job.


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