OP-ED: Crafty Hoax has Stripped Blacks of “Black Power”


Blacks are being played for fools when the term Black History Month is being referred to as, “African American History Month”, due to political correctness.

Black history has taught me that there are many great Blacks in history who were not American. Queen Nefertiti, Queen of Sheba, Marcus Garvey, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Pele and Bob Marley; to name a few. As an American, I no more want to be separated from these Blacks in history than a rich person would want to be separated from his or her riches.

Don’t get me wrong, I was never really a big fan of what I see as a, hollow and condescending government declaration to honor Blacks in history. I only have more reasons to object to the terms, African American and African American History Month.

Reading the many present day human rights atrocities reported from Africa, in no way causes me to shout, “I’m African American!” Besides, I believe all life began on the continent of Africa, so what’s the big deal of calling me African?

South Africa is currently dealing with what is known as, “Corrective rape.” This is where men rape women suspected of being lesbian, claiming their attacks will turn the women straight.

A Cameroon homosexual was convicted of sending a text message to another man that contained the words, “I love you.” He recently died in prison due to the lack of medical care for his hernia.

Nigeria has an anti-gay law which commands up to 14 years in prison for those involved in same-sex marriages.

Uganda parliament’s so-called “Kill the gays” law. This watered down version of an earlier attempt to offer the death penalty now states,”Life in prison” for any adult having sexual relations with a same sex child. Adults who have sex with children get no sympathy from me, but what is strange about this law is that there is no “Life in prison” sentence for adults who have sex with children of the opposite gender in Uganda.

Until the 97%, in most areas of Africa do not change their opinion on homosexuality, there is a better chance that I would visit Antarctica before Africa; never mind the fact I still prefer American prisons.

Many elected officials toss around the term African American as if it were a Frisbee at the beach. But when asked to address the issue of “Last one hired, first ones fired” in America, they all stick their heads in the sand.

Some suggest a “Clever governmental plot” to create a more docile Black man, at the height of the Black power movement of the late 60s early 70s, was the impetus for this hundred year old term of African American being pushed into use in America.

A descendent of African slaves, who preferred to be called African American took strong exception to an African who recently became a U.S. citizen whom, also wanted to be referred to as African American. This is troubling. Men of the same skin color pitted against one another by the term African American makes Willie Lynch slap his knee with laughter.

Back in the early 1700s, British slave owner Willie Lynch, was said to have given a speech on how to control Black slaves by pitting one against another. The “Willie Lynch Letter” that contains the plan is in dispute.

Many including myself, believe the letter to be a “Hoax.” Discovered in 1970, the letter which made Lynch famous has discrepancies. The year of the speech appears to have happened before Lynch was born. Nevertheless the letter does have a ring of truth, right down to the promise of controlling Blacks for at least 300 years.

Equality, economic and voting power, cannot be attained without help from those who still prefer the term “African American.” However, we all have a responsibility to respond to a crafty hoax that has stripped Blacks of Black Power!


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