Mitchell Howard, Painter, On Display At The Hannah Gallery


Mitchell Howard, a local artist who moved back into Marin County, will be displaying his paintings at The Hannah Gallery, located in 170 Donahue Avenue in Marin City. Howard’s exhibit is named “Coming Home.” Which is also descriptive of him moved back into Marin County to pursue his art career.

Howard grew up in Marin City and studied Art and Design in Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley, and at the College of Marin. He graduated from San Francisco State with a BA degree and also attended and received a degree from the Computer Arts institute of San Francisco.

Howard worked and became the Art Director at Cunningham & Walsh Advertising Agency located in San Francisco. He then moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota about 2001, to help his brother Steve run a Real Estate and Mortgage firm. Howard continued to paint on the side.

After Steve died in 2012, Howard moved back to the Bay Area to pursue his fine art on a full time basis, and is temporary staying with his sister in Elk Grove, located south of Sacramento.

So far Howard is doing good surviving as a fine artist. He has only been back here since September and is still settling in and getting his art to the various galleries.

Mitchell recently had three shows in Minneapolis, two at the C. Caldwell Fine Arts Gallery, and one at the Douglas Flanders & Associates Gallery. He also had two shows, one in Alexandra, Virginia and another one in Washington, D.C.

Howard is also contributing his art to Marin City; not only in displaying his paintings in the Hannah Gallery but will also work with Nancy Peach on the Rocky Graham Park Mural.

Mitchell likes being a fine artist better than working in advertising, because you can be more creative and not worry about selling a product.

Art can also bring people together and show things that people can relate to, says Howard. “If the painting is warm and joyous, the majority of the people will look at it as warm, and enjoy it. Art makes you think, expand your horizons, makes you use your imagination. And people may see different things in the same painting.”

“At some point in one’s life you must be who you are,” writes Mitchell concerning his decision to pursue his art full time. “I could not have chosen a better time to build my life as an artist. As with everything else you truly love, you will find a way to make it happen.” And now a new chapter and journey in Mitchell’s life begins, as he comes back home to Marin as an artist.

Call (415) 887-9740 for more information on the exhibit.


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