Aguilar Appointed to Stockton Port Commission


The Stockton City Council has chosen banker Sylvester Aguilar to fill a vacant seat on the Port Commission.

When Mayor Anthony Silva and councilmembers voted on their top choices at Tuesday’s council meeting, Aguilar was supported by most City Council members while the mayor and Councilmember Paul Canepa backed Sam Toccoli, a former Port Commissioner.

During the meeting, Mayor Silva spoke about how the Port of Stockton is one of the most successful local agencies and a major economic engine for the city.

“Mr. Toccoli was a great Port Commissioner, and he will be dearly missed,” said the mayor. “The Port of Stockton is responsible for creating many jobs, and I look forward to working with our new Commissioner Aguilar, who brings diversity and a wealth of financial knowledge to the board.”

Aguilar has worked for Bank of the West for 25 years and replaces Toccoli, who had served since 1980.

Toccoli was one of seven candidates considered for an appointment to the vacant position.

Others who were considered were Gene Bigler, Carl Eck, Richard Rogers, Ralph Lee White and Dwight Williams. Aguilar’s term begins immediately and expires Dec. 31, 2017.


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