Over 1,000 job applicants showed up last Friday to the Oakland Private Industry Council’s (OPIC) Career Fair at the Eastmont Town Center with resumes and cover letters in hand to speak with recruiters from more than 30 companies.

< p>The turnout was so great that some applicants waited hours in lines that began in front of the Career Fair and extended to the entrance of the mall.

“We found several quality applicants in this process, and it’s another way for us to engage the community,” said Sgt. Jorge Hermosillo, a recruiting officer of the California Army National Guard.

The career fair was cosponsored by Alameda County Social Services and East Bay Works. Representatives of employers talked with applicants and conducted spot interviews for job vacancies, including FoodsCo, AC Transit, and the Oakland Fire Department.

There was also on-site enrollment in the Workforce program that provides information about employment related training and other job readiness services.

“I was impressed to see such a large turnout of professionals, and I salute all the employers who made a commitment to come out and support our Oakland community,” said Marilyn Norman, PIC Project Director.


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