EOYDC Honored at Beebe Memorial Cathedral


Inspired to continue to provide for the community, Dr. Charley Hames Jr., pastor of Beebe Memorial Cathedral presented Regina Jackson, President and CEO of the East Oakland Youth Development Center (EOYDC) with a check last Sunday to further assist the organization with its community efforts.

Jackson’s involvement with EOYDC began in 1984 when she was invited to serve on the Board of Directors. Now as President she continues to ensure the center provides a safe, nurturing environment for youth. Her Theory of Change model – from which thousands of EOYDC’s youth have benefitted personally and professionally – is focused on character development, readiness and access.

“When young people don’t have high expectations, they often won’t try. Because my staff and I believe our youth can perform at high levels, they often rise to, meet, and exceed those expectations,” she shares.

Alongside Jackson was 18-year-old Rahni Johnson, who was among a small group of EOYDC students that travelled to Beijing and Shanghai last summer. The study exchange was designed to broaden the students’ social and cultural perspectives. Johnson inspired the congregation by speaking in Mandarin, something that she learned and continues to study since travelling abroad.

Jackson says she is planning another trip to China this summer and to align with President Obama’s campaign, “My Brother’s Keeper”, she will be taking a group of African American males. The donation given by the church would be used as a scholarship for one of the young men she will take.


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