Warriors Playoff Wish List


If you had to list three things on your wish list for the Golden State Warriors. It’ll probably go something like this, NBA Championship, full squad, and no more firing. These have been a few of the problems that have faced the Warriors thus far.

Despite the countless injuries and dismantling of Mark Jackson’s staff.
Golden State holds the number sixth spot in the Western Conference. With the regular season coming to an end, the Warriors frustrations continued after their 100-99 loss at home to the Denver Nuggets.

They would’ve clinched a playoff spot had they won but will have to wait until tonight when they face the Los Angeles Lakers. After wasting a 20-point second quarter lead, Golden State relied on Stephen Curry heroics in the final minutes but that wasn’t enough against the offensive rebounding by the Nuggets.

Their hopes of catching the Portland Trail Blazers for the Number 5 spot is no longer in reach while the Phoenix Suns are one game behind and can bump them for that 6th spot. The Warriors have some pressure tonight but this is not a team that shys away from a challenge.

“We could’ve taken care of our playoff spot and taken care of our homecourt like we need to going forward,” said Curry. “We didn’t need this setback. It definitely wasn’t what we envisioned the night going. It’s frustrating.”

What’s more frustrating is possibly facing the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round of the playoffs. Blake Griffin has been playing his best basketball while the Clippers are ready to take on anyone who come their way. Their goal is the same as Golden State’s, to get further than last year.

“It doesn’t matter who we play in the first round,” Matt Barnes said. “We’ll be ready regardless and we have no preference.”

The San Antonio Spurs knocked both LA and the Warriors out of the playoffs before losing to the Miami Heat in the Finals. But this time the Clippers comes with a more powerful squad while Golden State’s key component is injured.

David Lee was injured on March 22 against the Spurs on March 22 at home. He’s missed six games and the Warriors desperately needed him last night. Lee’s hamstring issue has him listed day-to-day. He’s hoping to play the last two regular season games to get ready for the playoffs.

“Reports that say I’m done for the season are very premature,” Lee said. “We’re just going to see how I’m doing day-to-day. The important thing is that I’m feeling better each day.”


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