Antwon Cloird, Committed to Richmond’s Success


Antwon Cloird is the founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Men and Women of Purpose, a non-profit organization that provides “real” services to the re-entry population returning to Richmond and Contra Costa County.

He formed the staff of Men and Women of Purpose by selecting eight strong African American men with street credibility and professional expertise in various fields needed by the re-entry population.

Cloird grew up in the Richmond community and after 35 years of substance abuse, he checked into Fauerso/New Way Center run by Neighborhood House of North Richmond.

Now 10 years clean and sober, he has dedicated his life to changing the lives of others and giving the disadvantaged an opportunity to “have a second chance at a first-class life.” After graduating from the Fauerso Program, he also created the Faverso Alumni Association and was the association’s first president.

Cloird became a member of Local 324 as a journeyman laborer, which opened doors for many and created a platform for job creation for the re-entry community and some of the most at-risk residents of Richmond.

While working on the Civic Center Project, he realized the role new developers could have in changing the lives of the residents of Richmond. He became active with Alliance Corporation, Harley Shearsy, and eventually Upstream Development where he was the outreach coordinator for the Point Molate Resort.

Cloird has been active with many organizations and initiatives including the Tent City movement, where he connected the community with resources and supported the reduction of murders that were an all-time high.

Over the past 10 years he has been involved with providing mentorship support and life-skill training to troubled youth and young adults through YouthBuild and RichmondBuild. Most recently, he has been plan and design AB109, a countywide initiative designed to reduce recidivism.

Cloird has been recognized for his hard work and commitment to build a healthy and safe community. He received the Comcast Hometown Heroes Award 2012, YouthBuild Volunteer Services Award and City of Richmond Certificate of Appreciation for Community Activism 2012, City of Richmond Excellence Serving Community, Meritorious Service and Public Safety Award, Rotary Club Certificate.

Men and Women of Purpose Organization received “The People Who Make a Difference Award” during the National Recovery Month.

He has worked tirelessly to decrease crime and violence in the city where he was once a part of the problem. He has opened so many doors for so many citizens of Richmond and is well known for his outspoken demeanor.


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