Stirring the Pot: The Reminder in Perceptions


“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

They say that God – or your Higher Power – and even Jesus are everywhere. In the things you do day-to-day and the things you see around you.

Personally, I am one who embraces this positive outlook on life. In the air we breath (although a little dirty at times), the flowers growing in our parks and the sun as it rises and sets each day, I see His beauty and glory. I even believe that God can be seen through unorthodox ways like in the occasional tree or piece of toast.

Recently, a friend shared a picture on Facebook of a pug whose family says they see the image of Jesus Christ below the dog’s tail. More specifically – on his behind.

Now it took me all of three seconds to “see the image” of Jesus Christ, in robe, with his hands extended by his side. Maybe being a native Catholic and seeing this image in paintings and sculptures for a handful of decades gave me an advantage of spotting it so quickly. Even if it took a little longer, others saw it, too.

However, not only did some people claim to not see it, they were outraged that a dog’s butt was likened to the Son of God.

“Only a person who don’t know Jesus would come up with the conclusion that this is a depiction of HIM, all I see is a dog’s A$$ and that’s it. So I say to you that believe that this image is in deed our Lord and Savior then your heart and salvation are in serious trouble … ” said one.

Another who said he didn’t even see Jesus in how he is portrayed in Western civilization (among other things) added, “This for me is pathetic.”

I was a little confused and taken aback by the arguments each offered, as both stand strong in their faith. I then became a little sad that they were so quick to condemn those who may see something they don’t.

There are hundreds of versions of the Bible and in the last 25 years, the number of movies, books and TV shows that have a spiritual or faith-related tone to them only have increased.

But why?

“My” Higher Power created us in many forms with the mission of spreading unconditional love and acceptance. But because we are different, it takes many ways to get His message across. What will work for some, may not work for others. But who are you to tell another how and where they may see His image?

Our planet continues to be plagued with viruses called hate, fear and ignorance – all which are spread by those who believe there is only one way to see and experience things … like a spiritual awakening and/or Divine Intervention. Isn’t the important thing that a person’s self is awakened in any way, than never at all?

The dog made me smile … and did the same for others. And for a moment it was a reminder there is something greater than me.


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