“Nextdoor” City Wide Potluck in Vallejo


The Vallejo Heritage Team and Nextdoor, a growing private social network encouraging neighborhood engagement, invites the entire Vallejo community to a City-Wide Member’s and Potential New Member’s Potluck on May 1 at Dance Unlimited, 510 Georgia Street, from 6 – 8:30pm.

The goal of the event is to promote safety, prosperity and unity for all of the members and City through Nextdoor’s platform while having an enjoyable evening. Guests are asked to bring their favorite dish, beverage and good ideas to share.

Guest speakers include Nextdoor City Operations Specialist, Youjin Chae, Vallejo Police Captain, Jim O’Connell, Vice Mayor, Bob Sampayan, Vallejo City Council Member, Katy Meissner, and School Board Elections Enthusiast, Anzel Loufas.

Representatives from Light Up Vallejo, the 11th Annual Vallejo Garden Tour & Festival, Vallejo Community Arts Foundation. and Vallejo Admiral’s Baseball has also been invited to speak.

The Vallejo Heritage Team encourages ideas from the guests about moving forward, and should be directed to [email protected] or call (707)-704-3339.


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