Stirring the Pot : Celebrating ‘Moms’ … not mothers


It’s not easy being a “Mom.”

It’s a 24/7/365 job – yes, I said J-O-B – that is not for the faint of heart. It is not a profession that you can walk away from when you choose, but unfortunately, there are many women who just can’t handle it.

In my eyes, giving birth doesn’t make you a Mom … it only makes you “mother.”

Sure, anybody can take care of a child if placed with the task. Not unlike being responsible for one’s own self, it’s easy to bath, feed, cloth and perform basic must-dos, but how many people do you know, hear about or read about who can barely do that?

On Sunday, women around the globe will be lauded with flowers, gifts and more from their birth and self-adopted offspring as a way to say, “Thank you for all you do, MOM.”

That’s right Mom … not mother. Happy Mom’s Day!

So how do you go from a “mother” to a “Mom?” Here are a few things I’ve learned over the last almost 29 years as a Mom:

Patience is #1 – If you can master this one, you are golden. I see too many women who will give a young child whatever they want, and even take it away, due to lack of patience. When a Mom is able to incorporate a teaching moment into behavioral lessons nothing a child can do – including flushing the contents of your purse down the toilet, playing barber on a younger sibling or crying nonstop until he or she falls asleep – will produce more than a smile in return.

She who laughs last – will find that every situation has a comical side. So what if your child thinks that the annual school play is his or her moment to start her or his own comedy career. Or you know when your child is quick to tell your boss the truth about your “24-hour bug” you called off work for? But note: Profanity and sexual innuendos, which I have seen too many videos on social media recently featuring kids using it, do not warrant cuteness and is not something he or she will grow out of.

DIY everything! – Thanks to the many Christmases I served as Santa’s helper and put together bikes, I can add handywoman to my resume. Sure it’s easy to pay for others to do things for your children, but doing it yourself teach them a sense of pride and ownership and will foster memories for a lifetime.

Unconditional Love – Too many claim to have it, but far too few truly understand the meaning. Love is not a switch to be turned off when a child upsets, embarrasses and/or goes against your morals/values. Often times this is when he or she needs you most. “Disowning” and “shunning” is just another form of hate masquerading as misunderstanding. If you want to understand, you will.

So to all those #MOMS around the world, I wish you a Wonderful Day! May you continue to bless the world with your #Love, #Guidance, #Support and #Inspiration!

fitzhughMichelle Fitzhugh-Craig is an award-winning, professional journalist who resides in Oakland. If you have an individual, organization, issue or other topic that may be of interest to our readers, contact her at [email protected]. Need more stirring? Visit


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