HeyLove TV Productions Launches Fundraiser for “Entanglement: The Dramatic Series”


HeyLove Television in association with Whala Entertainment launched its Kickstarter fundraising campaign on May 8th to fund the complete production of Season One of “Entanglement: The Dramatic Series.”

The fundraiser will offer prizes and awards to its contributors – from signed photos, DVD/BluRay combo packs to VIP tickets to the red carpet screening in Hollywood in 2015 – during its 60-day campaign that ends July 6.

Created by Diallo Jeffery of HeyLove Television and produced with Omar Howard of Whala Entertainment, “Entanglement” is a 12-part scripted narrative developed for premium broadcast television.

It is the story of a clash of social, political, racial and generational paradigms. The pilot episode opens in Atlanta, as two women sit down to discuss one’s previous night’s discovery. With the intention of finding out the sexual proclivity of a new male friend, a plan is hatched that could unravel a relationship and career.

“We’ve been told that ‘Entanglement’ is ‘Scandal’ meets ‘Being Mary Jane,’ entwined in the dynamic of ‘Crash,’ the motion picture,” says Jeffery.

Jeffery and Howard, both graduates of Morehouse College, invested considerable personal and financial capital to their venture, which began more than a year ago. They hosted a successful red carpet screening of the “First Impressions” pilot of the series in Atlanta at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema on March 27.

The duo, both with experience and credentials in national broadcast television, vowed to empower the immense national pool of talented, but overlooked actors, scripting compelling characters for ensemble casts.

Jeffery says, “We’re not waiting for Hollywood to give us a green-light. As a cooperative force, we’re disruptive to the status quo. We’re paving our own lane to success by offering the audience a vote with the Kickstarter [campaign].”

He adds, “We are counting on the public to pledge their support in helping us reshape how TV gets made.”

Production of the remaining episodes of Season One is set to resume in August 2014. To view the pilot episode of “Entanglement: The Dramatic Series” and make a pledge, visit the show’s website www.entanglementTV.com.


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