Scoliosis Survivor Martina Lawson Promotes Education on TV Show


Education has always been a priority for Martina Lawson, motivational speaker and TV host, who was diagnosed with scoliosis at 12 years old.

A condition in which a person’s spine curves from side to side, scoliosis put Lawson in a back brace and, later, in spinal fusion surgery but did not damper her spirit.

I had to find a way to find beauty even in the fact that I had these huge scars on my back,” said Lawson, who says the choice between getting the surgery, or living in pain was obvious.

Now years later after a successful surgery, Lawson continues to live her life with purpose, promoting education and empowering young people on her TV show, “The Martina Show.”

“Embrace who you are, love yourself,” she tells young girls.

“I can recall my Mom telling me you’re still beautiful, you can still go after your dreams, and don’t stop believing in yourself. She encouraged me to keep my education in front of me,” she said of mom Martha, who is executive marketing director of the show that airs Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. on Comcast 28.

Lawson empowers young people to “go after their dreams, stay in school and understand that your education is what can get you where you want to go.”

Now a senior at Cal State East Bay, Lawson put that message into action when she started “The Martina Show” in 2008 after taking classes in Mass Communication. Having dreams of becoming an actress and moving to Hollywood, she coupled her love for acting with the camera on her show highlighting local businesses, promoting healthy lifestyles, and interviewing celebrities such as Kel Mitchell, Lenny Williams, and Brandy.

“I had a fervor to see my dreams become my reality,” said Lawson, also executive producer of the show. “I’m just trying to keep moving and not think about so much where I’ve come from [with my scoliosis] as opposed to where God has me going next.”

“I want to encourage people through not only my words, but through my actions as well,” Lawson said

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