Future Scientists Celebrated at Chabot Space and Science Center


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The Oakland Unified School District’s K-12 Science Fair celebrated future scientists May 21 at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland.

Now in its I56th year, the event displays the work of 250 students selected from 43 elementary, middle and high schools.

< p>< p>Fifth-graders Gabriel Thomas and John Eric Fortenberry of Grass Valley Elementary represented their school. “This is really exciting, and I worked really hard on this project,” said Thomas, showing off his project on whether electricity moved better through thick or thin wire.

“I chose my project because I like fast cars,” said Fortenberry. He described various experiments on how the conditions of a road affect car travel.

Winners were given ribbons and medals of recognition.

Grass Valley Elementary Principal Brandee Stewart said this event encourages youth in the sciences.

“We are proud to expose our youth to the many possibilities in the field of science,” she said.

DeMarco Ward, a fourth-grader at Grass Valley, had a winning project on metal and wooden bats, and fifth-grader Mikaela Sasada did a presentation on lizard’s skin color.

Caleb Cheung, science manager of OUSD, and Eric Havel, senior manager of education at Chabot, congratulated science festival winners and presented a slide presentation on current tech trends like iPhones, Google Glass and the eventual 3D printing of artificial organs.

“We are excited because you are the ones that are going to solve our biggest challenges with your amazing inventions of the future,” said Cheung. “You will be the ones to take technology to the next level with the virtual computers, holograms and nano technology.”

“Chabot is committed to inspiring Oakland students of all ages about our planet and universe, and we encourage youth and the community to experience our center year round,” said Chabot and Space Science Center Executive Director Alexander Zwissler.


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