14-year-old Graduates from College Science Program


Alongside students two or three times his age, 14-year-old King Burdett Jr. took home two certificates in microscopy at a Merritt College Microscopy Program graduation ceremony Friday night.

“We learn about microscopes and how to make specimens to look at in microscopes,” said Burdett.

The East Bay teen has his sights set on becoming a pediatric neurosurgeon.

“I’ve always believed I was born to do science,” said Burdett.

His parents said that in their household, books, Internet research and face-to-face conversations were encouraged.

“There were no video games. They only way you did video games is if you can make them,” said King Burdett Sr.

“My idea with (my children) was to bring out their characteristics, their talents, and the only way you’re going to do that is allow them to create,” said Nichole Burdett.

King Jr. said he hopes to inspire other African American kids.

“That’s important to me because not that many people see an African American boy with locks my age in college, doing all this hard work,” said Burdett.

Burdett is in independent study and hopes to graduate from high school by the time he’s 16-years-old.


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