Gospel Radio Personality Michael Lewis Standing Up for Justice


Gospel radio personality, preacher, and songwriter Michael Lewis believes in standing up for your rights. Born in Oakland, he grew up watching the Black Panthers take a stand against the injustices that Blacks were subjected to.

“I noticed the things that the Panthers were fighting for – education, the right to bear arms – they did it by the letter of the law. I took an interest to that,” says Lewis, whose father was also an activist.

On his weekly radio show, “Knowledge is Power Gospel Hour” at San Joaquin Delta College, Lewis seeks to enlighten his listeners and bring awareness to local community and world events.

Moving from Oakland to Stockton, he has advocated for nonviolence and for those in the criminal justice system, on radio airways and in the community. He started the organization Persistent Education Assures Community Elevation, P.E.A.C.E., to bring a positive light to the Stockton community.

“We’re working to find a solution to stop the killing that is going on,” he says. “If we can stop [people] from going into prison, then we can curb them from becoming criminals.”

Moved by the plight of Danielle Metz who is currently serving 3 life sentences plus 20 years as a first-time nonviolent offender in Dublin, Lewis has advocated to get her story heard on media channels across the country since 2009.

“I stand with those who are fighting to change the way the federal court system incarcerates. Many women and men are serving life sentences who are first-time nonviolent offenders,” Lewis says on his website.

He recently graduated from San Joaquin Delta College where he studied multimedia communications and radio broadcasting, and was also president of the Black Student Union.

For more information, visit prophetmtlewis.wix.com or contact Michael Lewis at (209) 808-8690.


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