Oakland Will Pay $110,000 Settlement in Police Shooting of Alan Blueford


The City of Oakland has agreed to $110,000 settlement in police shooting death of Alan Blueford, 18-year-old man who was preparing to graduate from Skyline High School at the time of his death.

Blueford’s May 2012 shooting sparked a public outcry, including public protests at the Alameda County courthouse and at Oakland City Council meetings.

The City Council on Tuesday approved the settlement with Blueford’s parents.

According to police, Blueford pointed a gun at Officer Miguel Masso, causing Masso to shoot. Though some witnesses contradicted that report, Alameda County District Attorney agreed with the police version of events. Masso was not charged with a crime and remains on the police force.

Attorney for Blueford’s family John Burris said the shooting occurred after police racially profiled Blueford and stopped him unlawfully.

Blueford’s family filed federal a wrongful death lawsuit.


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