Brooks and Kaboom to Build a New Park in Just One Day


District 6 residents have observed how workers have been removing a play structure at Burkhalter Park on Edwards Avenue.

Councilmember Desley Brooks says there is a “play deficit” among many children because they are spending countless hours watching television, playing with electronic gadgets and toys instead of healthful recreational and outdoor play.

BrooksBrooks said she has formed a partnership with Kaboom, a national non-profit that is dedicated

to promoting and providing safe places for youth to play. “We want our children to be able to play within walking distance of their homes,” said Brooks.

She sponsored a youth “Design Day” at the David GloverTechnology Center where40 children designed theirideal park space with slides,swings, climbing walls, hiding places and game squares.

Kaboom received the design ideas and developed the 3D rendition of the park shown in the graphic. Brooks is the first city councilperson to partner with Kaboom and the only councilpersonto do five Kaboom builds.

Brooks and Kaboom are seeking volunteers and organizations to participate June 20 in a one-day build-a-playground park event at 4062 Edwards Ave. Volunteers can contact Brooks at (510) 238-3971 or email [email protected]


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