49ers Leave Camp With Powerful Message


San Francisco – After a successful three-day minicamp, head coach Jim Harbaugh was more than pleased with his teams effort. Attendance was great, players are healthy and he felt everyone gave their best. But his powerful message at the end of camp was right on time before players head to another break before training camp.

“Beware with whom you associate, very important to know your surroundings, friend or foe,” said Harbaugh. “Be ready for anything that’s coming at you. Be able to see around corners, see under doors, anticipate. But mainly, surround yourself with good people.”

The off-season for San Francisco was riddled with problems for several players including starting quarterback, Colin Kapernick who escaped charges that were pending in Miami. The 49ers turned their recent playoff memories into a soap opera with players making headlines news.

“Yeah, you want to keep good people around you at all times regardless of where you’re at,” Kapernick said. “I’ve been especially aware of that in the past few months. It’s something that obviously you have to be very aware of.”

“The best bet for us as football players is to have good people around you because trouble is always waiting to happen, said Kendal Hunter. “But we have smart guys here who will take care of their business.”

And business it was after wrapping up camp. Returning players have something to prove after getting knocked out of the playoffs in Seattle. This year everyone wants to be better and with the new additions added, San Francisco could possibly be headed back to the NFC Championship. While it’s too early to predict, the 49ers maintain their winning attitude.

“We got more work with our receivers, with our running backs and it was a great opportunity for us to get better,” Kapernick said.

“We’re a lot deeper this year than we were last year,” said Anquan Boldin said.


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